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Your anger your loss

After a late movie show, I went to a fuel station to fill petrol to my motorcycle. I asked the staff to fill fuel for Rs. 120; instead, he filled it for Rs. 110. I guess he was in a hurry.

When I asked him why he did not fill the fuel as I told, he said he did not hear it properly. I knew that it was not intentional. During the conversation, the supervisor, who was also in a hurry, interrupted and told me to ignore and pay up Rs. 110. He conversed with me in a slightly raised voice and in an unfriendly manner. He even said they had no time for such conversation and they were late and wanted to close the shop now.

I was in no hurry and kept my cool. I did not even show a pinch of anger but wanted to check the supervisors limit.

I said, “Why are you getting angry?”

Supervisor: Who is getting angry? We have no time now

“If you have no time, please go home. Somebody will take care of the work”

Supervisor: There is no somebody. Please leave.

“Why should I leave, I was talking to him and you interrupted.”

The conversation went on while I started my motorcycle and slowly moved out of the service station. I observed that the supervisor’s anger increased with every reply of mine. The situation was uncalled for him.

We were just having a normal discussion. After a hard day’s work, the supervisor could have ignored what was happening between staff and me. If his responsibility was to intervene and sort the issues, he could have done it in a polite and customer friendly manner.

This post is not to point out who was at mistake. It is to understand that the anger is not a solution but destruction of self.

If you are angry, are you responsible for it? If you think no, then you are wrong. If I am angry because somebody wanted me to be angry, the “somebody” will gain and I will lose.

Do not be angry and try to control it. Understand that “Being Angry” is best avoided. 


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